Holly is a professionally trained drummer and freelance musician based around the London area with contacts all around the UK. Her extensive experience spans a wide range of musical styles, genres, and instruments.

Notable drumming credits include sessions with Universal Music, a Nationwide Arena tour with BBC Worldwide (as character STYX), EDGES: A Song Cycle at the Prince Of Wales Theatre and as RARE Productions in-house drummer.

Her function experience is versatile and varied and she is often called in to dep for weddings and parties on no rehearsal. She plays for originals band MERCY and recently lent her skills to the debut performance of up-and-coming singer songwriter Sophie Janes.

Her training and experience as an actor makes her a perfect fit for music videos and Holly has appeared in the videos “Chasing Amy” for rock band Myth Of Ben and “No Man, No Right”  for Sonic Boom Six.

Holly is also an experienced singer and has played guitar for a number of shows including London Jungle Book and League Of St George.

Her other instruments include bass guitar, keys and ukulele.

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